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First Class Cabin on All Nippon Airways International Flights

First Class Cabin on All Nippon Airways International Flights

Tokyo NISHIKAWA’s “AiR” has been equipped in the first class cabin of ANA’s international flights since September 2013.


Founded in 1566, Tokyo NISHIKAWA has been an expert on sleep. Our functional mattress “AiR” , a fruit of our cutting edge technologies, has been selected for the first class cabin of ANA (All Nippon Airways) international flights. The fact that many prominent athletes used “AiR” on their overseas expeditions and praised it's quality has prompted ANA to select.

With the distinctive three-dimensional structure, “AiR” disperses pressure from body weight and holds an ideal sleeping posture. This enables to offer a quality sleep to you, making long-haul flights more comfortable. Excellent design of “AiR” have been highly acclaimed and received various design awards worldwide. You can enjoy the first class sleep with Tokyo NISHIKAWA’s “AiR” in the first class on these ANA international flights between Tokyo and the United States, Europe and a part of Singapore route flights.

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