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Product Concept|AiR®

Multiple tiny bumps bolster sound sleep of athletes.


Concept MovieIn these days, many athletes take their own bed mattresses on tour. Quality sleep is just as important as nutrition control and training for the athletes. The significance of a mattress and a pillow as indispensable items for staying in good shape has been increasing year by year.
Quite many top athletes chose “AiR”, a conditioning mattress that supports the body with multiple protuberances, after trying it out personally. Soccer player Kazuyoshi Miura, a baseball player Masahiro Tanaka and a golf player Hideki Matuyama, to name but a few. Comfortable sleep that makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, a stable posture that is maintained even if you turn over in your sleep, and a refreshing feeling when you wake up. Don't miss the quality sleep that Tokyo NISHIKAWA’s “AiR” provides to keep you in the best condition.

The quality sleep brought by the mattress “AiR” was demonstrated in a joint research study conducted by the Fukubayashi Lab, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University and the Japan Research Laboratory of Sleep Science.

“AiR” supports sleeper’s body and allows smooth turnover during sleep thanks to a specially engineered bumpy urethane structure that supports the body with multiple protuberances. Sleeping on an excessively soft or hard mattress can be stressful for the sleeper, but “AiR” reduces stress to a minimal level and leads to a relaxing sleep.


We performed experiments on mattresses by using an electromyograph to measure the activity level of seven muscles: e.g., greater pectoral muscle and posterior deltoid muscle (muscles that function when turning over in your sleep) as well as oblique abdominal muscle and quadriceps (muscles that play an important role in rotating the trunk of the body or bony pelvis). The assessment of the experiments revealed that the muscle activities were lower when lying on “AiR” compared with when lying on a softer mattress. In addition, the questionnaires filled out by the test subjects suggested that it is easier to turn over on “AiR” , and that the amount of time spent turning over tends to be shorter compared with harder and softer mattresses.
(Toru Fukubayashi M.D., Professor, Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences )

Toru Fukubayashi M.D. (Professor, Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences )

Toru Fukubayashi M.D., immediately after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo in 1972, joined the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the university. After serving as a M.D. at School of Medicine of the University of Tsukuba, he served as professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo, Komaba. Since 2004, he has been serving as a professor in the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University. He also currently serves as a sports doctor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Waseda Sports Clinic, School of Sport Sciences, where he is involved in treatment and prevention of external injuries and disorders as well as rehabilitation of athletes who play sports such as soccer, judo, golf, and tennis.

Comparative Data of Turing Over

Muscle Activity of the Trunk of The Body while Turing Over during Sleep Time Required for Turning Over

“AiR” in a distinctive three-dimensional structure that has enhanced the functions of sleeping mattress.

“AiR” will guide you towards comfortable sleep by enhancing the functions of “dispersion of body weight” and “suspension of sleep posture.”

Supports your Body with Multiple protuberances

The many bumps on the surface of the mattress effectively disperse the body weight pressure. The structure of the mattress helps a smooth blood flow during sleep, which in turn reduces uncomfortable burdens on the body.

Comparison of Pressure Distribution by Pressure Tester

Keep Well-balanced Sleeping Posture

The supportive suspension part receives a sleeper’s body firmly ensuring the well-balanced natural sleeping posture. A weight dispersing property promises smooth roll-over and leads to a relaxed deep sleep.

Sleeping Posture Curve

Excellent Air Permeability

The polyurethane composition has an airy structure, which disperses humidity and moisture caused by sweating during sleep. No need to hang out to dry or to worry about dust. These features make maintenance of the mattress easy.

“AiR 01” mattress “AiR SI” mattress

Function meets Design

Pursuing high functionality and excellency in design, “AiR” has been highly acclaimed and received various eminent design awards worldwide.

Click here to find the list of awards “AiR” has received.

A Distinctive Three-Dimensional Structure that Enhances Sleep Quality

The bumps on the upper layer disperse body weight of a sleeper. The base receives the entire body weight, ensuring the well-balanced sleep posture.

A Special Three-Dimensional Structure that has Advanced Sleep

Comparison of Body Pressure Distribution
(By a body pressure distribution measuring instrument)

(Study conducted by the Japan Research Laboratory
of Sleep Science)

Red parts in the lower back area indicates a high level of body pressure.

“AiR 01” hard type
“AiR 01” hard type

Conventional mattress
Conventional mattress

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